FEMAsEVERErEPETETIVEFEMA Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) Grant Program Voluntary Home Elevation and Demolition/Reconstruction Program – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Parrish-Point provided civil engineering and land surveying services in the preparation of engineering plans for the elevation of building sites located within the floodplain (identified in the FEMA Severe Repetitive Loss Program). The City of Virginia Beach required Site Plan development for each of the (9) nine site in order to issue required building permits. Parrish-Point conducted the physical survey of each property; using elevations obtained from City of Virginia Beach Benchmarks, to be set on each property, then provided:

  • Layout of each site
  • Existing building elevations
  • Calculated Proposed Building Elevations for redevelopment, and construction
  • Created Erosion and sediment control plans and documents for all proposed construction work

Following completion of Construction Activities, a National Flood insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate will be prepared for each property.

The overall objective of elevation is to raise the height of the lowest floor of the structure so that it meets the required level of protection based on flood zone data for the specific location. When a structure is properly elevated, the living area (lowest floor of the structure) will be above the most severe flood levels, such as the 500-year flood in many cases. Through the City’s SRL program, 90 percent of the cost for elevation is funded by Federal dollars while the remaining 10 percent of the total cost of the elevation is absorbed by the property owner.

Lesner Bridge Replacement Design Build, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Parrish-Point, LLC. is the engineer contracted to provide geometric control for the setting of each bridge structure component. This Design-Build project that will replace the existing four lane Lesner Bridge with a signature facility that is capable of handling six lanes of traffic. The replacement bridge structures will be striped for two lanes of traffic with 10-ft shoulders and a 10-ft multi-use path in each direction. The proposed bridge will be designed to provide minimum 45 feet vertical clearance and 150 feet minimum horizontal clearance at navigation channel span.

DULLESDulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project, Washington DC Metropolitan Area:

Project Cost: 1.5 Billion (Currently under construction)

Mr. Parrish served on the operations management team for the expansion of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authorities (WMATA) rail and bus transit system. He served as the Project Design Coordinator for design of station facilities, where he supported the civil site design, station design, and environmental impact evaluations for the mega-project.

COVENANTCovenant Community Church, Suffolk, Virginia

Parrish-Point LLC served as the civil-site design engineer for the development of this new 64,000 S.F. religious assembly building and campus in Suffolk, VA. The site also includes, new parking, recreational areas and regional BMP. Parrish-Point, LLC was responsible for providing Civil-Site Design, Land Surveying, Environmental (Wetland Mitigation and Determination), Traffic Study and Analysis, Geotechnical (Sub-surface Exploration and Reporting for the 9 acre site.

wesleyWesley at Washington, Portsmouth, Virginia:

Parrish-Point, LLC is working alongside the City of Portsmouth’s redevelopment and housing authority to negotiate a land trade, and provide site planning and design of a $35 million dollar mixed-use in-fill development in historic downtown Portsmouth, Virginia. The project is currently pending property transfer and conveyance proceedings.

bowlingtnBowling Green Hospitality Campus, Caroline County, Virginia

The developers will initially build one 175 room 60,000 S.F. hotel and a 6,000 S.F. restaurant. The hotel and restaurant will be designed to meet LEED Silver certification requirements.

Bowling Green Hospitality Campus will be a (8) eight acre development which will sit within a 39.5 acre multi-use development site to provide guests of the FT. A.P. Hill enlisted, with the finest experience in lodging, dining and recreation available on the 301 corridor of Caroline County VA.

Parrish-Point is currently providing the Master Plan, as well as civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, and coordinating environmental, and geotechnical and providing landscape architectural services for the project.

Jeff L. Parrish was the Project Designer for this “New Urbanism” 29 unit up-scale multi-family housing development. The project was developed on a 3.8 acre site, located on the north side of Kensington Boulevard, and 2000 feet west of Route 10 in Suffolk. This project included the site design that would manage storm-water by connecting to an existing regional pond and system located to the north.

kensingtonKensington Park Condominiums Suffolk, Virginia

Mr. Parrish designed the Kensington Park site with both active and passive green-space with a recreational yet functional presence that captures both beauty and comfortable pedestrian circulation through this upscale community. The firm was responsible for design of the utilities, storm-water management, roadways, building pads, street lighting, and landscaping.

Knight’s Park Health-Campus, North CarolinaCaptur1e

Parrish-Point, LLC’s Conceptual Master Plan of Knight’s Park Health-Campus is composed of a multi-function Park-site nestled within 11 acres of plush landscape. The proposed development is designed to enhance the vision of a healthier mode of activities for the community of Hobbsville, and surrounding areas within Gates County, North Carolina. The proposed development is accessed from the Route 32 corridor which serves as a Gateway into North Carolina’s more protected and rural areas that border the State from Virginia. The Park entrance provides a scenic view of lush green landscapes, a central promenade that sits in between (5) five covered pavilions, that overlook a children’s play area. An outdoor multi-use exercise area designed to allow exercise options for all ages is stationed convenient to parking, and outdoor restrooms. An illuminated basketball court and (2) two tennis courts provide a full day of activities. The overall campus provides a paved jogging trail, as well as a vehicular drive that circulates the outer perimeter of all activities on the site. The drive aisle connects the park-site to a memorial area to the rear of the Health-Campus, where meditation pools, fountains and well-spaced seating is provided those seeking a more serine experience.

airport1Norfolk International Airport Terminal and Concourse Upgrades. Norfolk, Virginia

Under the construction contract; Parrish-Point, LLC. provides geometric control, and land surveying services for upgrades implemented to the Terminal and both Concourse A and B.

The Work under this Project consists of:

  • Expansion and Renovation of the Security Screening Checkpoint (SSCP) area of Concourse ‘A’.
  • Interior and Exterior Renovations and Modernization of existing Concourses ‘A’, ‘B’ and

Departures Terminal Building.

  • Approximately 20,000 S.F. of up-grades on existing Concourse ‘B’.
  • Additions of New and Renovations to Existing Public Restrooms in Concourses ‘A’, ‘B’ and

Departures Terminal Building. We surveyed proposed drive and sidewalk pavement locations (linear, and curved).

fortwardThe Fort Ward Park Master Drainage Study Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery and Surrounding Graves Sites, Alexandria, Virginia.

Parrish-Point, LLC. served as the review consultant for the Oakland Baptist Church to work with the City of Alexandria in developing measures to resolve a major drainage issue within the Fort Ward Park and Oakland Baptist Church Cemetery grounds.

Parrish-Point, LLC. is currently guiding the City in developing low-impact, high efficiency storm-water management measures that served to reduce runoff velocity within the catchment area within the Park, eliminate all flooding issues previously occurring at the Cemetery, and added a beautification package to the site with landscape architectural touches throughout the site.

City Design Services Contract – Roadway & Sidewalk Upgrades Virginia Beach, Virginia

Our scope of services included roadway alignment and design elements, traffic data and analysis, traffic signalization, signs and signal plans, aesthetic design elements, environmental permitting, surveying, storm water management, public utility and private utility coordination, street lighting, geotechnical borings and analysis, public involvement, landscaping, development of construction contract documents, construction phase services, and acquisition services. This is a project that implements the City’s initiative to maintain it’s communities, and provide safe and pedestrian friendly environments to the citizens that call Virginia Beach, their home.

HENRI ROAD 60 C-1-1City-Wide – Engineering Annual Services Contract for Department of Public Utilities Richmond, Virginia

Parrish-Point, LLC. is currently serving as engineering support for the design and rehabilitation of water and sewer systems throughout the City. Utilizing the most efficient methods in assisting the City in maintaining and improving the existing facilities, which include major sanitary sewerage collection, high transmission water supply, and combined storm-water sewer and sanitary sewerage collection systems.  Our services have provided pre-designed packages to the City, enabling smooth execution of their construction efforts for facilities upgrades and rehabilitation.